Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association

Welcome to the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association (ASTA) website.  This website is intended to be a resource for ASTA members in the Anaheim Union High School District.  The information on the site ranges from contacts and the contract to useful professional links.  Additionally, there will be opportunities to participate in online discussions. Please send any suggestions for the site to the webmistress.

ASTA’s Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association to empower teachers and advance public education for the success of our students and community.

CCSS Belief Statements

ASTA believes:

  1. Teachers will decide how to best teach and assess skills and knowledge using their choice of methodology.
  2. Critical thinking skills and inquiry based learning are part of our students’ educational foundation.
  3. Teachers shall have time and support to become proficient with standards and become technologically prepared to support the students taking the new state assessments.
  4. a. We cannot test simply for the sake of testing. Student assessments should be meaningful and valid in their purpose and must be chosen or created by the teacher.
  5. b. The District should focus on curriculum and instruction rather than assessment given the unknowns of SBAC exams.
  6. Teachers must be given opportunities for ongoing high quality professional development, including cross curricular professional development, which is driven and developed by classroom teachers.
  7. Teachers shall have the freedom to take risks in implementing and learning the CCSS without the results being used in the evaluation process.  Students need the support to take risks.

newly elected

Dean Elder
ASTA President

Dale Miller
Director at Large

Ryan Rueles
Grant Schuster
CTA State Council Representatives

Judy Yeaton

Many thanks go to ASTA Elections Chair Steve Palczewski (Walker) for working to ensure a sound elections process and counting the ballots.